Insulated Punner/Tamper

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About Insulated Groundwork Tools

CID's groundwork tools are a range of high quality insulated digging tools, designed and manufactured to provide additional safety when digging around underground live cables or electrified rail track areas.

All insulated groundwork tools are flash tested to 10,000v and provide protection up to 1000v, meeting the latest BS8020:2011 regulations, ensuring safety whilst at work. Each tool is supplied with an individual serial number and matching health and safety compliant certificate.

Product Description

Used for consolidating earth, hardcore and tarmac.

The Insulated Punner/Tamper has been flash tested to 10,000v and provides protection up to 1000v to ensure safety whilst at work. The Insulated Square Rammer is health and safety compliant and meets the latest BS8020:2011 regulations.

The Insulated Punner/Tamper includes an ergonomic handle for ease and comfort when using, a narrow neck to help reduce fatigue on hands whilst using the shovel.

Key Features

  • 5" x 5" Forged steel head (10lb)
  • 48" Handle
  • Protection up to 1000v
  • Flash tested to 10’000v
  • Ergonomic handle for ease of use and comfort
  • Narrow neck to reduce fatigue on hands during use
  • Guide sheet included with every tool


  • Compliant to BS8020:2011
  • Protection up to 1000v
  • Each tool is flash tested to 10’000v
  • Comes complete with individual serial number and matching H&S compliant certificate

*Product may vary slightly from images shown. Products will always meet required specification.

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