Sustainability has always been a key focus at CID Group – to build a sustainable business from the ground up, adhering to the highest environmental and ethical standards across the business and throughout our supply chain.

We focus on delivering high quality products which are fit for purpose, but we also put great emphasis on procuring products direct from the source, cutting out the middleman, resulting in reduced product miles and cost savings that we can pass onto our customers. We also try and source as locally as possible, not only to reduce a product’s carbon footprint, but to also support the local economy. We’ve also engineered our operating model to provide sustainable growth without impacting our customers service, whilst keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum as we continue to grow.

Not only are we focused on our own sustainability objectives, but we also want to help our customer’s achieve their own sustainability objectives, which is why we offer a range of sustainable products, such as products made from recycled materials. Additionally, we offer our customers a range of free-of-charge recycling services for used products.

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Central Distribution Model

Carbon Footprint

CID Group utilise a central distribution model with two additional regional distribution centres located in the North and South. Our central distribution centre and head office is located near Leeds close to major transport links – this means our main operations are centrally located within the UK, allowing us to effectively service the entirety of the United Kingdom on a same-day and next-day service.

As we distribute from one central hub, either direct to our customers, or via our Regional Distribution Centers, we limit the number of miles our stock must travel from the point of manufacture, through to the point in which it reaches our customers.

How This Positively Impacts Deliveries

Due to our operational setup, we’re able to efficiently plan our delivery routes, ensuring that customers receive their goods when they need them, whilst travelling the minimum number of miles possible to limit our carbon footprint.

Domestic UK & European Sourced Products

= Reduced ‘Product Miles’

CID Group fly the flag for British made products, so we put great emphasis on supplying locally manufactured products, direct from the source. By doing so, we’re not only minimising our carbon footprint by significantly reducing ‘product miles’ and supporting the local economy, but we’re also cutting out the middleman, allowing us to pass on cost savings to our customers.

Where we cannot find a manufacturer for specific products within the UK, we will always try and source suppliers and manufacturers in central Europe as the next best option – only sourcing from further afield when there are no other alternatives. By striving to source products as locally as possible, we’re also minimising our supply chain risk due to external global factors. This ensures we can keep our promise of no backorders on all catalogue stocked lines!

Large Stock Holdings

= Reduced Vehicle Movements

From our facility near Leeds, we’re able to hold extremely large volumes of stock, allowing us to achieve our No Backorder Guarantee on stocked catalogue product lines! Additionally, as we’re able to hold such large volumes of stock, it also allows us to purchase our stock in great volumes. Not only does this allow us to purchase stock at the best rates, allowing us to pass on the cost savings to our customers, but it also means that we require fewer stock deliveries from our suppliers each year, helping to minimise the amount of miles products must travel before reaching our customers.

Recycling Our Waste

100% of the recyclable waste we produce as a business is recycled through our recycling partner LSS Waste Management. For non-recyclable waste, 98% is used to produce energy, powering homes across the UK.

For waste deemed non-recyclable, we’re constantly exploring ways to minimise the amount of waste we produce, working with our suppliers on their packaging. Additionally, we’re also exploring ways in which non-recyclable waste can be repurposed into new products to ensure that where possible, all our waste is recycled or repurposed.

Reducing Our Emissions

Vehicle Fleet

CID Group are constantly exploring ways in which we can reduce our emissions, and part of this includes the use of hybrid and electric vehicles.

A large proportion of the vehicles in our company fleet currently consist of hybrid electric vehicles. Additionally, we have also just invested in a new fleet of delivery vehicles which utilise the latest low emission technologies, helping to reduce our emissions when delivering goods to our customers.

In the long-term, we do have ambitions to go fully electric where logistically possible – helping to cut our emissions whilst still providing the high levels of service and fast delivery that we are known for.

Helping Our Customers Achieve Their Net Zero Objectives

CID Group offer our customers a range of nationwide free of charge recycling services for used PPE & Traffic Management products, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the environment.

PPE Recycling Bins

CID can provide you with a PPE recycling bin for used, worn or damaged PPE. Simply place the bin on site, then once the bin is full, call us and we will arrange a collection.

The bin will then be collected from your site and taken to a secure recycling facility where our recycling partner will ensure all collected items are destroyed by shredding/chipping. This ensures your brand is protected, as there’s no longer any trace of your branding on the materials. The shredded and chipped materials are then sorted accordingly before being recycled into new products!

Barrier Recycling Points - Closed Loop Recycling

Closed-loop recycling is the process by which a product or material can be used and then recycled into a new product, again and again, extracting maximum value from the virgin material.

Working with our manufacturing partners, we can offer closed loop recycling for our customer’s traffic management products, free of charge.

CID Group will provide our customers with a collection point, where all traffic cones, plastic road signs, and pedestrian barriers can be collected. Once the collection point is full, CID Group will arrange collection of these items where they’re taken to our manufacturing partner. The items are then cleaned, sorted by plastic type, and then chipped down into small granules ready to be used to manufacture new traffic management products.

For all materials collected and recycled, CID Group will provide our customers with a recycling certificate which states volume of plastic recycled.

Through this scheme, on average, 350 tonnes of post-consumer PVC & HDPE plastic are recycled each week, and this number will only continue to grow!

Introducing Recycled Product Ranges

CID Group are constantly sourcing new and innovate products made from or containing recycled content. These products will go through rigorous testing to ensure they’re fit for purpose before we will bring them into our catalogue range. This is so that our customers still get most cost-effective, quality products in the market whilst helping them to meet their net zero objectives.

An example of this is out traffic management range of products:

Traffic Management Products

99% of the traffic management products we supply are 100% recyclable, and the majority of these products are made from or contain at least some amount of recycled content themselves.

CID work closely with our suppliers to constantly innovate materials with the target of manufacturing all traffic management products from 100% recycled materials. This will ensure that no virgin materials will be used to manufacture traffic management products in the future, and that the products can remain in the circular economy indefinitely, reducing the overall carbon footprint drastically.

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