MOAB Max Diamond Blade

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DB04340 MOAB MAX - DIAMOND BLADE 300x20 In Stock Price: £76.94 inc VAT
DB04341 MOAB MAX - DIAMOND BLADE 350x20 In Stock Price: £115.40 inc VAT
DB04342 MOAB MAX - DIAMOND BLADE 350x25 In Stock Price: £115.40 inc VAT

Product Description

The MOAB Max (Mother Of All Blades) Diamond Blade is a professional long life blade which cuts all concrete and is suitable for occasional use in light steel and asphalt - the ideal diamond blade for multi-utility applications. The MOAB Max Diamond Blade has self cooling holes, which ensures a long life and fast cutting speed helping to increase efficiency.

MOAB Max is not recommended for continuous use in asphalt or cast iron.

Key Features

  • 15mm premium diamond segment for long life
  • Manufactured to: ISO, EN13236 and oSa certified
  • Ideal for multi-utility applications
  • Fast cutting speed
  • Self cooling holes

Available Sizes:

  • 300mm x 20mm
  • 350mm x 20mm
  • 350mm x 25mm

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