T-Matting Information

T-Matting is a a revolutionary product, designed specifically for ‘Narrow’ and ‘Micro’ trenching applications, which is becoming a popular method for the installation of fibre-optic cable for broadband networks across the country, as part of Project Gigabit.

T-Matting is a unique product to CID and has been developed in conjunction with contractors, local authorities and network providers around the UK.

What Problem Does T-Matting Solve?

Most contractors have the problem that they must leave many meters of narrow trench open waiting for ‘black top’ gangs to reinstate the pavement. This results in a negative impact to the residents as lots of the footpaths are closed for a number of days. It also means that there is a huge demand on pedestrian barriers.

T-Matting solves this problem by providing an easy to install system with greatly reduced trip hazards, allowing footpaths and driveways to remain open, alleviating the negative experience for residents. T-Matting also provides significant cost savings to the contractor by reducing the amount of pedestrian barriers and other traffic management products required on site.

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