The CID Foundation

At CID we support a wide range of charitable activities through the CID Foundation, supporting ‘those in need’ and ‘fair, ethical practice’ are causes which are very close to our purpose in life.
This entirely voluntary organisation ‘The CID Foundation’ is involved in raising money to make lives easier for countless people that need our help every day.

CID Foundation

Every month a member of the team is chosen at random and has the privilege of selecting a Charity of their choice. The chosen team member will then creatively organise activities within the team, (in any way they choose) to raise funds. These funds are then ‘matched’ by the CID Group Company’s Directors!

Over the years CID has supported local and national charities, such as Christian Aid , Help for Heroes, Rapid Relief Team, Lifeboats and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

In fact, we participated in the “Wear Red Day”, brilliant cause created to raise funds to the CHILDREN'S HEART SURGERY FUND charity, which treats babies and children with congenital heart disease. The challenge wasn’t only about raising money but also wearing something red. We reached the amount of £208.76 in one day.

Our response is always overwhelming!

These are the charities we are involved with:

Charities CID Foundation

We are very pleased to show you the thank you letters we have received from the above charities we have donated money to. Well done team!
Click on here to read the Thank You Letters.