TCT Ultra Gold

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TCTG1652024 CHIPPEX-GOLD 165X20 24T (1.6/1.0 ATB) WOOD CUTTING In Stock Price: £20.58 inc VAT
TCTG2303028 CHIPPEX-GOLD 230x30 28T (2.4/1.6 ATB) WOOD CUTTING (TCT) In Stock Price: £43.24 inc VAT
TCTG2303040 CHIPPEX-GOLD 230X30 40T (2.4/1.6 ATB) WOOD CUTTING In Stock Price: £36.03 inc VAT

The TCT Ultra Gold is CiD's Ultra Wood Cutting (TCT) Blade.

Key Benefits

  • Ultra-low friction and high wear resistance.
  • Reamed bore ensures precise fit.
  • Front bevel tooth form for a superior quality of cut.
  • Ultra performance for professional users.

For over two decades, CiD have been at the forefront of the market for diamond cutting blades and accessories. CiD have combined its wealth of experience with a user-focussed approach to product development and can now boast a world leading range of diamond blades in terms of quality and safety. The TCT Ultra Gold Wood Cutting Blade provides ultra performance and is suited for professional users. The wood cutting blade features a front bevel tooth form and a reamed bore which ensures both a precise fit and a superior quality of cut, aiding with both efficiency and perfection of the cutting job. The TCT Ultra Gold is ulta-low friction and has a high wear resistance for a long-life blade.

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