Endurosafe SS100 Sport Style Safety Spec (Lightweight)

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Product Description

The Endurosafe SS100 Sport Style Safety spec is made entirely of highly-resistant polycarbonate, which makes the SS100 very lightweight and also offers a wrap around feel and protection, with panoramic field of view.

Available in:

  • Clear
  • Yellow
  • Smoked

Anti-fog Coating

The anti-fog coating allows you to work in optimal conditions by removing the effect of condensation that occurs when there are large temperature differences or when wearing non-ventilated frames.

Anti-scratch Coating

The anti-scratch coating acts as a shield that improves the resistance of lenses and reduces the formation of scratches. It lengthens the life of the lens and improves user comfort, preventing any scratches that could impair vision.

Conforms to:

  • EN 166:2001
  • ANSI Z87.1
  • AS/NZS 1337.1
  • EN 170:2002: 2C-1.2 (clear)
  • EN 170:2002: 2-1.2 (yellow)
  • EN 170:2002: 2C-3 (smoked)
  • EN 172:1995: 5-3.1 (smoked)
  • Optical class 1

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Brilliant performance
  • Panoramic field of view
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog
  • Optical class 1 polycarbonate lens
  • Economical choice of eye protection
  • Field of Use: (F) Protection against high speed particles, low energy impact

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